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Looking for a different way

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Quote of the day from The Dish:

“In French, one can say Je suis seul (I am alone) or Je me sens seul (I feel alone), but nothing as baldly distressing as ‘I am lonely’ or ‘I am lonesome.’ Or, even worse, ‘I am a loner.’ My first poems were often about loneliness. My father was a military man and my brothers were athletes, so I was always looking for a different way to be a man. To look inward and explore the darker corners of the soul is one of the functions of the lyric poem. I think immediately of Hopkins, whose poems I love. I hate having to apologize for, or defend, inwardness. It was the American poet Marianne Moore who said that solitude was the cure for loneliness, but if I spend too much time alone, I am called égoïste, or selfish. Surely, it is impossible to be a writer without being égoïste,” – Henri Cole.

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