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Liar liar: taking stock of Zanu PF’s promises

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When I got a recent email newsletter from the Zimbabwean pressure group Sokwanele I was flung back in time to our last election when the extent of Zanu PF’s whole election campaign began and ended with anti-Blair sentiment.

Sokwanele took all the promises made in the Zanu PF anti-Blair campaign

- Getting back your land
- An end to racist factory closures
- An end to racist witholding of commodities
- An end to politically motivated price increases
- An end to sanctions
- No safe havens for corrupt bankers
- No disruption to fuel supplies
- No to political interference
- Empowerment through takeovers
- Faster economic turnaround
- More foreign currency inflows
- Keeping our Zimbabwe
- End to Blair’s MDC

Bury Blair, Vote Zanupf

and compared them to where we’re at in Zimbabwe today.

Take some time out to read Sokwanele’s analysis.

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