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Law of the jungle in the name of…

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It is no surprise really that Mugabes in the form of the head of state’s nephews have over the years fashioned themselves as above the law. Hey, this is African politics, the right surname can get you places, you know!

This does not help matters in trying to fight the fires of accusations of Zanu PF being essentially anarchist, and we only have to recall the dreadlocked one “invading” a bird sanctuary and ominously promising that he will be back after the “law” extended its arm and forced the “occupiers” to retreat.

Now we read that the former football administrator nephew of the president walked into a Chinese company (how dare he?), declared that he was the new head honcho, changed locks and expected to live happily ever after.

Yes just like that.

This is just but another reminder that the country has to wean itself from the odium forcibly visited on it by people who firmly believe they must “eat” from this anarchist’s trough, gorge themselves before Zanu PF disappears from the country’s political radar.

Surely they must be seeing this as imminent despite all that propagandist baloney that all signs point to extend rule come elections, why would there be this brazen economic anarchism on the eve of poll?

One indigenisation exponent actually once told a public meeting that Zimbabwe will not always be caught in this political and economic circus, therefore people must move in for the kill now – i.e. capitalise on the lawless expropriation of mines, companies, farms etc.

Something worth imagining is that while the lawyer of the Chinese firm Leo Mugabe was envying said Leo was “applying laws of the jungle”, and the courts have ordered the anarchist to “immediately and forthwith” return any documents, offices and office keys and any other such effects to the Chinese firm,” would the ruling have been this favourable had it not been a Chinese firm under siege?

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