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Kirsty, you can’t swim faster than those robbers!

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Of course it’s unfortunate that Kirsty Coventry was attacked on her way home from the airport the other night. Her story got some press because she’s a celebrity. Meanwhile hundreds of Zimbabwean run the gauntlet between Harare International Airport and whatever suburb they live in on a daily basis. It is entirely shocking and unacceptable that the Zimbabwe Republic Police place two police person details on completely arbitrary roads (like Kingsmead on Tuesday morning) laying in wait to bump motorists $20 for not having something – that something all depends on the mood of the policeman at the given time. Yet, the police know (unless they really are quite, quite stupid) that the road from the airport into town is one of the most dangerous in the city. How do they respond to this? Are there any police patrol cars out on that road at night? No. Just well positioned police ATMs on the airport road during the day to reel in fines from motorists. Welcome to Zimbabwe; hang on to your cash, your bags and your life until you reach your hotel, or your home.

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