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Inzwa: Listen up!

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This week, Kubatana launched Inzwa, our Zimbabwean experiment with audio information via mobile phones. We’ll be updating our information every Tuesday, and we are interested in any feedback to help us improve the service.

How does it work?

Tune into Inzwa by phoning +263 913 444 321-8 and . . .
- Press 1 for 60 seconds fresh bringing you current news and views
- Bata 2 to enter the doorway to chibanzi for job vacancies, scholarships or resources
- Press 3 to find out about everyday heroes and take a new look at Zimbabwean activists and activism
- Hit 4 to listen to Zanele unleash the music and introduce us to new musicians
- And . . . Speak Out Sistas and Bruthaz . . . to leave us a message, punch 5

So try it out! Phone +263 913 444 312-8 any time, day or night, and tell us what you think.

One comment to “Inzwa: Listen up!”

  1. Comment by Fungai Machirori:

    Exciting stuff guys! Keep up the energy!