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Inspect your Zimbabwe Electricty Supply Authority bill

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Kubatana subscribers have informed us of some fishy accounting on their bills, where ZESA is over stating the subtotal of a given unit charge multiplied by number of units. For example, on one customer’s bill, the first 50 units is charged at 0.02 cents per unit which equals $1.00. The bill however states $1.20. The next 250 units is charged at 0.11 cents per unit which equals $27.50 – the bill states $28.00.

Together, those two mis-multiplied figures equal 70 cents – not a lot of money, but taken across thousands of customers each month, this could really add up.

Another subscriber reported similar mis-charging on the part of ZESA, with subtotals not adding up to the unit consumption multiplied by consumption rate, and also with the consumption not being charged at the correct rate.

According to the tariff schedule of 1 September, unit charges for domestic metered customers are:

* First 50 kWh: $0.02 per kWh
* 51-300 kWh: $0.11 per kWh
* 301+ kWh: $0.15 per kWh

Be informed. Inspect your ZESA bill carefully, and double check that they are charging you correctly. Query your bill when necessary, and insist on regular meter readings.

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