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In God we trust

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Life often confronts us with so many challenges that sometimes the things we want to achieve seem so elusive. A week before the moment that I believed would define the future of Zimbabwe, my heart was torn apart. A part of me was excited and hopeful that the time had come for citizens to decide on the future of Zimbabwe and this would be done accordingly. Another part of me, for fear of disappointment and in an attempt to prepare myself for whatever outcome of the elections, was not keen in being hopeful at all.

A couple of days now, Zimbabwe still awaits the announcement of the results of the presidential election. With all the anxiety that has been created by the slow announcement of results, I for one am not sure what to expect. There is so much speculation about the results. Some in anticipation of a new government are even talking of ‘The New Independence’ referring to the period after the March 29 2008 polls.

With the way our economy has gone down, I keep on asking myself, ‘who am I to hope and dream of a better Zimbabwe?’ In trying to think about our future as Zimbabweans, so many questions remain unanswered. At the end of the day I feel some things need intervention of a high power than ourselves. All I can say to brace myself for the results and the next five years of economic recovery of further melt down is, in God we trust.

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