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If only we all could COPE?

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South Africa is presently at an interesting political crossroads and one just feels the electricity (pardon the pun) this far side of the Limpopo and you cannot help but wish you were part of the excitement. When people claim to own the revolution – any revolution – there is always a danger of making themselves obsolete, and name-calling of those who decide to stand up to skewed definitions of democracy inevitably tend to only strengthen the resolve of those who decide to challenge and change the course of a country’s political course.

Tyranny and opposition to dissent have for years defined African politics, with popular reformists succumbing to the assasin’s bullet, and for anybody who stands up to give “owners of the revolution” a run for their money has got my support.

The COPE founders have been called opportunists and all sorts of names by the very same people with whom they took a stand against apartheid, but one thing for sure is that all threatened despots always exhibit that atavistic streak and will invoke history lessons as part of that bid to discredit breakaway formations.

But all along they forget that they are the same people who present themselves as champions of democracy, so then why not let the brave men who threw down the gauntlet be and let the people decide?

Too bad there have not been such bold moves in Zimbabwe where fear still dwells in the hearts of grown men that they wouldn’t dare cross the path of the founding fathers.

One comment to “If only we all could COPE?”

  1. Comment by Mureza.T.J.Muchena:

    Congress of the People[COPE] haina basa.Lekota is not an astute politician like Jacob Msholozi Zuma.Lekota too cannot destroy ANC.ANC has produced greats like Jan Smuts,Walter Sisulu,Oliver Tambo,Albert Lithuli,Nelson Mandela etc since its formation in 1912.

    The Freedom Charter of 1955 is not only for ANC but for all Africans who undestand democracy.
    What does opportunists like Lekota and his Cope stands for-promoting exenophobia.
    To hell with COPE and its founding fathers.
    Long live ANC.Through ANC’s Freedom Charter,the people shall govern.The people too shall share.
    I COPE ifuna kuconfuser electorate.