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I have listened, I have heard

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Women’sNet in South Africa recently published a booklet called “I have listened, I have heard”: digital stories for transformation. The booklet also comes with a CD. The digital stories on this CD were developed by two groups of South African women – lesbian women facing discrimination and violence, and women who experienced domestic violence.

Women’sNet held two workshops, of four days each, at the end of which participants had developed their own digital ‘movies’, using their own words, narration, pictures and text. Computers and software, scanners, digital cameras and audio recorders were used to build the movies.

The stories demonstrate the impact of violence on women’s lives. They also show the intersection of gender and other forms of exclusion or discrimination – such as sexual orientation, poverty and HIV/AIDS. The story tellers also celebrate their survival, their relationships and their perseverance.

Make sure to get a copy of this booklet and the CD to help you in your human rights, women’s rights and gender education and training programmes. For more information contact Women’sNet

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