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I am an activist not a trouble maker

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We have just received this comment from SFM broadcaster Soneni Gwizi. She hopes that her speaking out will also encourage other communicators to keep to values of telling and writing the truth. Speak out!

I am a news maker not a gossiper
I am a story teller not an entertainer
I am an activist not a trouble maker
I am a communicator, i write what i have heard, seen and what is to come.
I am a broadcaster not a commentor
I speak factual realistic issues not biased,
I am a friend not an enemy

2 comments to “I am an activist not a trouble maker”

  1. Comment by James Taurai Nyamajiwa:

    Inspired by your bold declaration

    I was inspired by this master piece,well what a bold declaration.Continue to inspire many through writting because in life it is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.

  2. Comment by Tonia Payne:

    you surely are lighting a candle by speaking the truth. we all have responsibilities, lets be responsible enough in our communication!