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How to register to vote – Zimbabwe

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With elections looming for this year, many Zimbabweans are wondering how to register to vote. Whilst voter registration is a continuous process, that is, you can go any time to register, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has announced a push for voter registration, and verification, through April.

In the past, these voter registration drives have been accompanied by vast publicity, advertising and also mobile registration, to spare would-be voters from having to go to the small handful of fixed registration offices for this process. However, indications are that a shortage of funds will compromise this mobile registration process.

So, it’s not the easiest thing in the world, but if you want to vote this year you need to be registered to vote. Even if you have voted before, it can’t  hurt to also go and verify your entry on the voters’ roll to make sure you are still there.

How to register to vote – Zimbabwe

1)    Figure out where to go. Use the drop down menu on the Offices tab on the Registrar General’s website to find the office or sub-office for your province and district.

2)    Take everything you need. You can find a list of the eligibility and documentation requirements on the ZEC website as well as on the Registrar General’s website. You can also phone ZEC on Harare 774095 or 759130, or the Registrar General’s office on 706311 or 702295 (we’ve found them helpful on the phone if you hold on for long enough, but it can take some time to get transferred to the right person).

3)    Let us know how it goes. If you go and register or check your name on the voters’ roll, tell us what you think of the process. Drop us an email on info [at] kubatana [dot] net, a comment on Facebook, or a message on Twitter.

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