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Hopeful people in Zimbabwe

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Without hope life has no meaning or point. Hope is now Zimbabweans most important positive attitude, the basis for all the others. We hope for a political settlement and agreement of some sort from these two major political parties.

Wherever you are, be it in the bus, internet café, beer hall, church, office, or shop people are hoping to see food and bread back on the table again, hoping for the best. And hoping for a better Zimbabwe!

No one expects these talks of power-sharing and cabinet posts to fail. People all around are struggling to make ends meet. But people are still chatting, sharing, assisting and encouraging each other to be stronger hoping that this political impasse is a passing phase.

This time its the whole nation in crisis and not only  individuals like the days of Murambatsvina. Together we will conquer and together we will win, we must rally under the spirit of oneness.

2 comments to “Hopeful people in Zimbabwe”

  1. Comment by Mashumba:

    I marvel at this idea of hope. Hope has kept us going for nearly a decade. But when is this hope becoming a reality? After the news of the political settlement, we thought change has finally dawned. But Zimbabwe is still under the dictatorship of one man, he is the ruler ordained by God. Because of hope, he has seen and conquered. When are the results of that hope we are boasting of us? Is suffering the ultimate goal of hope?

  2. Comment by Norman Pariza:

    We have been hopeful for far too long and maybe it is now time for action. The kind that Madhuku and Williams have been actively doing for the past few years. Folding our hands and being armchair analysts will not lead us anywhere. We will die slowly whilst waiting for things to improve on their own, like evolution. The world is, in my view, now waiting for us to express ourselves unequivocably. It does not have to be through violence, not yet! When staying at home is painful, going to work is painful, leaving the country is painful, remaining behind is painful…what else is there to expect? I say lets make life uncomfortable for those who ARE comfortable maybe something may give in.