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Homosexuality is not a choice

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The issue of sexual orientation is one that affects everyone. It cuts across all human barriers such as race, religion, gender and socio-economic standing. The right to live one’s sexual orientation; freedom from discrimination, harassment and stigmatisation as a result of this are therefore rights and issues of concern for everyone.

In various discussions with friends, I have found sexual orientation to be an emotional and contentious issue. What I think people fail to realise is that while the majority of the human population is heterosexual, that does not make heterosexuality ‘normal’. Thus making homosexuality abnormal. I have found that many people regard homosexuality as a choice,  or something one does to get attention. This is evidenced by the many misconceptions surrounding homosexuality such as people being gay because they have not met the right man or woman; being seduced into being gay and that gay people were sexually abused as children. A look to our closest genetic relations in nature, Bonobos (a species of Chimpanzees), will show that even when survival is the key drive, they do still display homosexual behaviour. Moreover, the Human Genome Project gave rise to evidence of a gay gene. Meaning that homosexuality is not a choice.

5 comments to “Homosexuality is not a choice”

  1. Comment by Ray:

    My understanding is that homosexuak activists are now saying this ‘behavior’ is not genetic. If it is/were then its a genetic defect. If not it is a mental issue- right?

    The best available numbers counting homosexuals is 2.8 to 3.6% of the population.

    Heterosexuality is the norm. And to compare a bonobo’s sexual behaviors to that of a homosexual human is a false argument. You are trying to find an excuse or answer to homosexuality and, like activists, some scientists and the media, you are willing to explain it throught animal behavior. You are going dowm the wrong road.

  2. Comment by Ray:

    My previous comments in no way are denying homosexuality or trying to descriminate against homosexuals rather I am trying to clarify the argument and remove some of the ideology and/or agenda so often presented by the radical arm of the ‘homosexual movement’.

  3. Comment by lucy:

    It’s more like 10% of the population. According to Darwin, if it were a defect, then it would have been eliminated long ago. We do need to study our closest relatives, the bonobos. There is probably a reason for variations within the spectrum, otherwise women would all be housewives, wearing pearls, and men would all be football players. Thank goodness for diversity … let’s celebrate our differences, be more inclusive, and kind. It’s that or joining the Westboro Baptist church. You pick.

  4. Comment by Nancy Reyes:

    Homosexuality is not a choice.

    promiscuity is a choice.

    And abusing children in one’s care is a choice.

    How much of the anger in Africa against Gays is because of sexual abuse of boys in boarding schools? Just wondering. Such abuse was widespread in Canadian schools for Native tribes….

  5. Comment by JP Matenga:

    saying that it is genetic does not imply that it is defective gene. when a gene is defective it is usually lost as a result of the carrier of said gene not living long enough to pass it on eg sufferers of say cystic fibrosis should not live long enough to mate thus passing on their genes to other generations. thanks to modern medicine they are living longer. the gene is a recessive gene anyway but thats another argument. sickle cell anaemia is a genetic defect. but guess what people with sickle cell do not get malaria. so before you start preaching about genetics from my point you can see that the gay gene can be passed on as its effects do not jeopardize the survival of the human. many men will be as gay as christmas but will marry to project an image of being straight. i suspect that the gene is probably recessive anyway so i may not need to be gay to pass it onto my child.

    there have been studies on a certain area of the brain know as the amygdyla and its size with respect to gay men, lesbians and straight men and women and the findings would astound you but these are things that arfe not well published.

    you also for get that humans are animal at the end of the day. its just that we have higher reasoning. so it is you who are going down the wrong road.
    the problem with saying that it is genetic is that bigots and bible bashers will immediately demand for a cure or isolation of the abnormal. saying its genetic will open a can of ethical and legal issues. i’m sure at some point a peadophile is going to use genteics as an excuse.

    i am a scientist and can back up what i am saying. can you back up your claims that heterosexuality is the norm? i propose this to you, we are all phenotypically female when we begin to develop in the womb. later on we differentiate in males and females due testoterone or lack of it so if we all start off as girls are we not all lesbians?

    by the way i am straight. just very open minded