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Hold the media accountable

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The Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe (VMCZ) today reported on a new concern which has been raised through their complaints mechanism, Charity Maruta v/s Daily News, NewsDay and the Herald. According to VMCZ:

Charity Maruta has lodged a complaint with the MCC against NewsDay, The Daily News and The Herald in the manner that they have portrayed the supposedly three women rapists arrested by police in Gweru early this month. Maruta says the media organisations have taken it upon themselves to be the judges and have convicted the three women before they even appeared in court. She says this is irresponsible reporting of the highest degree. She wants the media to report the matter responsibly. Letters have been written to the concerned newspapers.

This is a valuable reminder to all of us that we can each make a difference. Holding our media accountable is something we can all take responsibility for. Contact VMCZ for more information about the media complaint mechanism.

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