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Hello Everybody!

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Somebody said to me “clever girl you are paid to teach yourself” and I was too modest at that time to say yes. So today I would like to actually agree because that’s the plain truth. I went out there interviewing artists asking those questions that I had no answers to myself and some that I did. I was really trying to find out what the people in my industry think and what their intentions are concerning the industry I so love. I educated myself all right. I learnt so much that I would otherwise not have learnt in the music industry. The arts industry in Zimbabwe right now does not teach half of what I have learnt at Kubatana. This experience has not only changed me as an artist but as a person as well. I am not the same person I was three months ago I can tell you that much. This person also said “so you are now a double agent” meaning I was now on the other side of the mic not being interviewed, but actually doing the interviewing. Yes I have had the chance to live double lives thanks to Kubatana. As a result of these three months it’s up up and away for me. I have realised there is much in life that can be done and that this is not the end of the road for me but the beginning of a journey. Who could have thought that I would have the guts to write my mind on paper and be content with it being read by anybody, anywhere? One thing that amazes me about these three months is that I have just developed this sponge attitude, to absorb and learn so much from the interviews I did, the office work and the day-to-day happenings around me. I have grown to appreciate the little bit of information I get and wonder how it affects me and what part I need to play to change things or to enhance a situation. By the way this is not a goodbye note but a hello note to a completely different me. So hello everybody!

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  1. Comment by Anjii:

    You’ve done a gr8 job Za, and made us so proud, as Women, as Artists.