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Harare, observed

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I was lying face down having a massage this morning (commercial, not private sadly) and I hear a woman bring her daughter in for a manicure and a pedicure. When I was growing up it was just about making sure your finger and toe nails were clean, not styled. And then, horror of horrors, a request was put in for her daughter to have three (3) blackheads removed. In other words squeezed out. Which made me wonder why the mother was outsourcing such a gross job.

Yesterday I was running up Kew Drive, the road where our PM now lives and where you sometimes see MDC youth sitting outside. You need to wear sunglasses if you look in their direction; they are so shiny. Shiny heads, shiny suits and shiny shoes. Sweet. Anyway trudging up the cycle track I saw 5 young boys probably all under 11. They made a point of blocking the cycle track. Aggressive little shits. You’d never see girls acting this way in Zimbabwe.

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