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Harare observations

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Last Sunday in Harare East I noticed women wearing bright yellow t-shirts with Mugabe’s face on them. Members of a soccer team, with Mugabe as patron. Is this subtle election campaigning? Getting Mugabe’s face out there in a benign way but all the while reinforcing his party’s position. The MDC could learn a thing or two.

Have you noticed that work on the Harare Airport Dualisation Project (read “dollarisation” – the folks who got that contract are doing well for themselves) seems to have stopped. The poor home dwellers lining the Airport Road in Hatfield have gates fronted by gravel and dust coating everything. Imagine when (if) the rains come. Mud madness.

A late night visit to Avondale Police Station. A broken window. Demoralised staff who looked like they couldn’t care less.

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