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Guns and roses

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Well on a day like Valentine’s it’s almost everyone’s wish to be remembered by that special someone in your life unless, of course, you don’t believe on love. Walking through town on my way to work I felt that it’s the ladies who are the ones who are well prepared for the day than men. Call it color blocking or whatever, all I saw were red tops to spice up the occasion. The worst case scenario is to get shot at by your loved one on Valentine’s Day. I was disturbed to read that South African Paralymbian blade runner Oscar Pistorious allegedly shot dead his girlfriend after mistaking her for a burglar. Instead of hearing words like “Happy Valentine to you too” and a bunch of flowers as a better gift, it was a bullet in the head. Who knows, maybe Oscar’s girlfriend tried breaking into the house with a bunch of roses for an early morning surprise but little did she know she was going to end up in a body bag on Valentine’s Day. Valentines Day will forever be the worst day of Oscar’s life.

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