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Grey Clouds

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Walking the grey clouds
no black and white, good and bad

Everything is everything
fuel coupons are illegal
Pius Ncube in an adulterer
electricity cuts are increasing
cell phones cut off from the outside world
generators are without fuel

Everything is everything
no power in the mornings
no hot tea and BBC
no power at night living in candle light
fridges defrosting with the last precious food
no time on computers to connect with the world

We will survive but the things that people do . . .
gathering information / writing reports / bringing people together / food and fuel parents / feeding and healing / recording the stories
will this survive?

Walking grey clouds
no clear path.
Holding on to the ground
whilst learning to fly.

Everything is everything
I see God in everything
where people speak with sacred voice
we are everything
we have a choice at every step
with random acts of kindness
learning to fly

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