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Gaza Primary overcharging for school trips

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We got this report from a subscriber about overcharging for school trips at Gaza Primary in Chipinge. Maybe some creative fundraising by the school board?

How daring this Gaza Primary School in Chipinge has become, milking us of our cash.  Students last week were told to ask parents for $20 for a trip to Mutare by plane, thus we paid happily. Two days before the trip, students were told its no longer a trip to Mutare but above Chipinge in a plane, well as such. Later, we were refunded $10 and it was now said it an educational trip to see a landed plane. It didn’t go down well with us parents so we complained, and asked for our monies back. Some were refunded but some were told to go hang. We let them be. They went on to hire an 18 seater combi to carry our kids to the aerodrome 2 and a half kilometers away to see three 2-seater gliders that had landed, and to be told lies about planes by the riders. No child ever touched the gliders let alone boarding it and this cost us $10 per child.

One comment to “Gaza Primary overcharging for school trips”

  1. Comment by Mwana Wekanyi:

    $20 per head for a plane trip for pupils travelling from Chipinge to Mutare is just too little to be believable anyway. You were too naive yourself to think your child can travel to Mutare, flying on a plane and return to Chipinge on 20 bucks, is that a joke?? Even flying overhead Chipinge for $20 still sounds too cheap given flights over Harare cost about $100 per 20 minute fly time.