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Four more years for Obama

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Unlike in some countries where political rivalry ends in the loss of lives and election results take ages to be released, Americans got to know what the future holds for them quickly as a closely fought contest ended in a nail biting finish with the current President of the United States of America retaining his post for four more years.

Running with the background of a weak economy and high unemployment in America, President Obama made successes by providing health care insurance to ordinary citizens in America, ending war in Iraq and going after the world’s most dangerous terrorist Osama Bin Laden. As people were casting their votes Obama sent a message on Tweeter to his supporters, “We’re all in this together. That’s how we campaigned, and that’s who we are. Thank you. – Barack Obama.” The rich favoured Mitt Romney but women voters propelled Obama back into the White House. Obama stole women’s hearts in America through advocating for reproductive rights, access to health care and fair pay. The next four years in office will be a challenging task for Obama – he will have to work hard to fulfill the promises, and build on the gains, made in the last four years.

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