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Flights of fancy

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First things first.

The authorities have shut down the water to Zimbabwe’s capital city, Harare, because there are no chemicals because They say They have no money to buy chemicals. How about fewer five star negotiation trips to South Africa . . . and buy some chemicals instead of forking out money hand over fist on big boy flights of fancy?

Meanwhile I see that road crews are busy painting lines on the only road that matters to little bob. The Borrowdale Road leading to his mansion.

On the foraging side of life I’m happy to have found a source of dog food. I collected a bag of 40 packets of chicken type pet food from a car showroom the other day. I had a chat with the very helpful woman selling it while standing in among some brand new Isuzu bakkies. She was full of information on pet food. For example she said that she was getting ostrich the next day and would I like some? And that her son had just shot a wildebeest and her dogs Go Mad for wildebeest especially the meat taken from where the wound was because it was all clotted with blood. And would I like some?

Much as I appreciate finding these lifelines in the chaos of Zimbabwe I’m looking forward to the day when I can walk into a regular old supermarket and buy what I need.

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  1. Comment by Adam:

    Respite seems further and further away than ever before.

    At least the dogs will have something to cheer about albeit without anything to quench their thirst.

    I am attending a lecture by two representatives of Zimbabwean Lawyers for Human Rights tonight in Toronto and am keen to see if they have anything to say about the upcoming WOZA trials and what’s happening with the Presidential Guard.

    I wish I could offer some message of hope but alas all I have are thoughts of unwarranted suffering.