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Fettered Consciences

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Burnt buttocks, fettered feet, singed hair, charred homes. Cruel men play dentist. And without anesthetics, they forcibly extract healthy teeth from screaming patients. Patients who put their “X” on the “wrong” space. “If they do not understand, we will beat them until they understand,” a dead former minister said with glee at the height of farm murders circa year 2000 referring to white farmers. Today, the wrath is directed at fellow former comrades. We now “understand” what that dead man meant. Who said dead men tell no tales? Are dead men nothing but pictures? Turning in his grave? No, perhaps laughing all the way to that fiery place for souls unfavoured by St. Peter. Another said “we died (sic) for this country”. And that gives them that unique privilege to take lives, kick butt, pull the ears of infants, apply pliers to the genitals of sworn foes. A wise guy said: Not until all the so-called heroes of the struggle are called to the other life will we know peace. All heroes become a bore at last, another said. Burnt buttocks, fettered feet, singed hair, charred homes.

3 comments to “Fettered Consciences”

  1. Comment by miles anderson:

    Is it possible as well as obtaining the names of the perpetrators of murder and violence, to also obtain their whereabouts and their contact details. The more public their crimes become, the more aware they will be that their crimes are witnessed and that they will never escape retribution.

  2. Comment by marko phiri:

    All these are possible, but there still hangs a pall of fear here among the people and none of the witnesses will be ready to come forward with names as there is belief that the evildoers have the full protection of the law, and as long Mugabe is in power they remain untouchable. One thing though is that intrepid activists in the form of lawyers and other professionals have documented these abuses, so perhaps in the future the evildoers will indeed face the music. So meanwhile, activists in the form of the pen and other less violent means tell the story to the world.

  3. Comment by terrence utaumire:

    If will keep om waiting without taking action Zimbabwe situation will remain the same it is up to us to do something about it the world knows it have said a million times but with people like Thabo Mbeki still leading Africa they nothing which can be done by african leaders we should liberate our selfs and stop being the peace loving Zimbabweans who will not participate in mass demos as and die in silence zim should be liberated for the second time by us.