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Fancy a sizzling carcinogenic chicken?

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An afternoon stroll down the streets of Harare shows how we Zimbabweans just love our food especially chicken and chips. Almost every vacant building in the city center is being turned into a food court. Anyway who doesn’t fancy sizzling hot wings for lunch especially after going through the grind of looking for the money?

Since our chicken farmers took an early vacation we now have to rely on imports from as far away as Brazil as well as neighboring countries to meet the demand. Like all cheap imports coming into Zimbabwe not much concern has been raised over the quality of food we take into our bodies. Maybe we have been silently munching on cancerous chicken for sometime. Instead of producing our own local chickens we now prefer chemical infested dead chickens from other countries.

Not appetizing to know that chickens are being preserved just the same way we do to corpses. You cannot expect much from these countries we trust so dearly as reliable sources of food for our country as some them have their own food safety problems to deal with.

A sad tale indeed of what used to be the break basket of Africa. As long as we don’t prioritise our own chicken farming and other industries the sad realities of dangerous imports will continue to live with us.

One comment to “Fancy a sizzling carcinogenic chicken?”

  1. Comment by Nhamodzenyika Freedom:

    HAVING A GOVERMENT THAT IS NOT INTERESTED IN WHAT HAPPENS TO ITS PEOPLE IS BAD NEWS most countrys tend to test food imports but not zims , perhaps the miniters should be consuming this chicken as they have destroyed the economy over the past 34 years