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Employment creation, economic empowerment, and destruction of tuck shops

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Government’s announcement that it would be taking down “illegal structures” around the country, and the demolition of tuck shops in Ruwa last week, was met with criticism from many actors, including Kubatana’s subscribers. This week, the Ministry of Local Government and the City of Harare have begun to distance themselves from these plans.

With good reason – This ironic “Letter to Gogo” from a Kubatana subscriber puts the issue very well:

Nhamo Primary School
Box 100% Poverty

Dear Grandmother

I am happy to tell you that bhora mugedhi has started its operations in Harare.

The little I was sending you from my tuck shop is no more. If all goes well, I will lose my job through the employment creation and empowerment scheme on the table.

I will let you know the progress in due course.

Yours in poverty,

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