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Emergency sex and other desperate measures

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I’ve been feeling rather ragged lately mostly on account of the power cuts. I’m enough of salad and instant soup. The upside is that I’m getting to bed much earlier than usual. I’m reading Emergency Sex (and other desperate measures) by candlelight and loving it. Give it a read.

Talking about reading, I find it hard not to read everything and anything . . . including the Customer Complaints Book that I saw hanging by a tatty string in the toiletries aisle in Bon Marche, Borrowdale. I didn’t expect to find that anyone had actually taken the trouble to list their complaints, but lo and behold there were several entries. Of course many of them revolved around the High Prices of commodities but someone else took the supermarket to task for keeping the fleshy parts of pig heads for the staff and leaving only the teeth and noses for customers.

Maybe I will stick to instant soup.

Yesterday an article on NewZimbabwe.com caught my eye about a Zimbabwean woman hotelier who allegedly forced a young woman to have sex with her. Here’s an excerpt:

On arrival at the house, the girl said she noticed there was no-one else in the house and asked Chirove where the guests were. She said Chirove told her she wanted her help in preparing for the party before the guests arrived. The state alleges Chirove then led the girl to her bedroom where she locked the door immediately after the girl had entered. She then dipped her hands into a traditional clay pot besides her bed and instructed the girl to do the same. Chirove then allegedly ordered the girl to open a calabash, where there was a strange creature, about 45cm tall, “hairy like a baboon, and looked like a human being”. Chirove is alleged to have then ordered the girl not to tell anyone about the incident, lest the creature followed her home. She then ordered the girl to undress and lie on the bed on her back.

Between short hairy baboonlike creatures, cold dark nights and pigs teeth, I’m feeling a need for Emergency Sex and several other desperate measures to get me through the winter.

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