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Drinking and Driving or Driving and . . .

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With the situation Zimbabwe is in at the moment, I have realised everyone, everywhere is now affected. It doesn’t matter if you are a political heavyweight, a soldier, policeman or ordinary member of society, everything is either in very short supply or just not available at all.

It is not just about the lack of meat or eggs, flour, sugar or rice or the daily ZESA (power) and water cuts. Now it is even about beer. When I was in TM this morning, there were very few beers in the refrigerator – and the limit of 2 per customer was being enforced. So people are looking for a “beer” that isn’t necessarily the brown bottle, it could be some other drink.

Yesterday, I was offered a lift home and I noticed the driver was just drinking mineral water, even though the cold weather was not so favourable for one to be drinking water for such a long way.

We got to the police roadblock and they asked for his driver’s licence, which is the obvious first question by the officers mounting any roadblock, and we passed through without any difficulty.

When we entered Mabvuku, I realised this man, was actually enjoying his favourite “other beer” – strong stuff (Mainstay cane spirits) diluted with mineral water. He told me that there is a crisis of beer.

So, next time you find people “drinking beer,” it might be beer, spirits, maheu, whatever you can find. The question is, drinking what?!

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