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Double standards by Facebook founder

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A weekend full of events for Mark Zuckerberg. It began with Facebook going public on Friday and share prices jumped from $38 to $42; thanks to my subscription and yours too as a Facebook user. And on Saturday Mark got married in private. Yes it was a private event with no uninvited guests including me – His Friend on Facebook. I didn’t even get a word – not even a small e-card for the wedding. I just saw photos on Monday morning. I was very bitter about this. Mark Zuckerberg got married in private and yet he wants everyone on Facebook to know our business with those third party applications.  Facebook is good but not with the nasty requests for my personal data which keep on coming from the third party applications that Facebook introduced on its social networking platform. The reason why the Facebook founder decided to go private for his wedding clearly shows that there is no privacy on Facebook.

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