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Desperation and politics in Zimbabwe

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Having just read Amanda’s blog, so aptly titled Operation Flip Flop, I wanted to remind her about this recent quote from the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)

The mistake that Zanu-PF is making is to imagine that we are desperate to be in the government. We are not in a hurry to be chauffeur-driven. We are a people-driven party. ~ Nelson Chamisa National Spokesperson for MDC

2 comments to “Desperation and politics in Zimbabwe”

  1. Comment by Amanda Atwood:

    Well remembered Bev, thanks. I’ll be sure to pass that along to the colleague in the office who said that Tsvangirai is more desperate than Mugabe.

  2. Comment by Sally D:

    I suppose, as long as his chauffeur is a person, that will be just fine. thanks!!

    It’s time that people who’ve paid a heavy price to support him, are told just exactly what is going on with Morgan Tsvangirai. A short term memory problem? Was he actually assessed by a professional, after that terrible beating and head injury he took? (That is a serious question BTW). Or has he always shown these liabilities as a leader who cannot stick to a single decision without being propped up by others?

    Here in SA we are now even more confused – is our President a bare faced liar or does he really believe that the MDC has given in? I dread to think what ordinary Zimbabweans must be making of this “Operation Flip Flop”.