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Dell Social Innovation Challenge

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Gre-cycling is a project aimed at recycling waste to generate income. The first step of this pilot project is to recycle plastics in to diesel and other by products. Once the success of this project is achieved focus will be on bio-material/sewage, paper and cans. The project will be located in Senga one of the poorest high-density suburbs in Gweru, Zimbabwe. It aims to curb the environmental degradation in the area which is highly polluted because of over population that occurs during the Midlands State University semester. The result of the environmental degradation has resulted in unsavory living conditions and disease outbreaks.

The idea behind this project is to turn waste into energy, creating jobs for the Gweru community in Zimbabwe and also maintaining a healthy and clean environment in the Senga surburb of Gweru where most MSU students who failed to get residence at the college live.

Log on to the Dell challenge website and vote for this brilliant idea from Zimbabwe and help turn some dreams into reality.

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