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Decriminalisation of gold panning in Zimbabwe

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ZANU PF’s 13th National People’s Conference held in Gweru pulls the curtain down on some of the major political highlights of 2012. The conference, which was declared a resounding success, came up with resolutions, setting the tone for elections in 2013.

Among some of the resolutions which may come as sweet to music the ears of those who have been carrying illegal mining activities is the resolution to decriminalize gold panning.

At the People’s Conference, the party has resolved to “spearhead the decriminalisation of mining operations undertaken by the gold panners (“makorokoza”) and implores Government to give them mining licences so that they operate lawfully”.

This resolution falls under National Economy Indigenising & Empowerment. Call it electioneering strategy or whatever you like but soon running battles with the police under “Operation Chikorokoza Chapera” will be a thing of the past as panners will be awarded with licenses to legitimize their operations.

Recently MDC came up with JUICE for the electorate. Since JUICE is just on paper ZANU PF was not to be outdone with paper strategies of the other parties but promised real papers to legitimatize the illegal activity of gold panning. Well to a young person with the potential to put an X in the next ballot maybe the resolution fell short of also decriminalizing diamond panning.

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