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Cup cakes and bayonets

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After having a cappuccino and croissant (crisis, what crisis?) at the Italian Bakery this morning which provided the venue for a meeting to discuss budgets, I drove to the office through town. Whilst I was waiting for the lights to change at the corner of 7th and Josiah Tongogara Ave, I watched one of Mugabe’s guards poking his bayonet repeatedly into a Jacaranda tree. Clearly bored.

It’s these seemingly small observations which make for interesting life in Zimbabwe.

Like watching Charles, the portly green uniformed security guard who manages security boom at our office complex trying to sell cup cakes and operate the boom at the same time. Hyperinflation has made entrepreneurs out of most Zimbabweans.

Or engaging in casual conversation with a young fruit vendor who told me when he sold me a banana, that he’ll be “one of those who go directly to State House” because everyone is fed up with Mugabe.

I wonder if he’s seen the bayonet tree prodding guard?

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