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there are many disparaging words used to describe usĀ  women
bitch, witch, slut, hussy, harlot, whore…

crone is one of these
it conjures up a picture of bent old women with stringy grey hair and warts on their noses
screeching voices and fearful curses

would you want to be that?

it is time to reclaim our authority as elders,
as grandmothers,
as crones
to remember and honour the gifts we bring
as the wise ones
to stop fearing our power as healers and ritual makers and web-weavers and visionaries
stop worrying about our size and shape and number of wrinkles
for it is now when we truly have the freedom to claim our authenticity
without needing approval

how do we connect ourselves into the spirals of life
and live each part true to inner knowing of ourselves
and call the wisdom of women back into our world?

For now is the time for us
to be truly who we are

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