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Consultancy with SOS Children’s Villages Zimbabwe

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Child alternative care assessment study: SOS Children’s Villages Zimbabwe
Deadline: 14 November 2013

SOS Children’s Villages Zimbabwe is a non-governmental child development organisation established in Zimbabwe in 1985. Its mission is to build families for children that have lost parental care or at risk of losing parental care, help them shape their own futures and share in the development of their communities. It is a member of SOS Children’s Villages International, which is currently working in 133 countries. In Zimbabwe SOS Children’s Villages is implementing various child and youth development interventions focusing on the provision of direct essential services; capacity building of child care-givers and community partners; as well as advocacy in the areas of care, health, education and gender.

On 18th October 2010, SOS Children’s Villages International unanimously adopted the UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children as a key framework for its work. SOS Children’s Villages has therefore dedicated itself to implement the UN Guidelines in its work as well as to advocate for their application around the world. The organization believes that the UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children has the potential to promote children’s rights and improve the lives of millions of children, their families and communities around the world.

It is against this background that SOS Children’s Villages Zimbabwe intends to conduct a care assessment exercise to ascertain the extent to which children under various care systems are benefiting through implementation of current policy and legal framework.

Purpose of the assessment

The care assessment will focus on assessing:
-The measures in country to prevent family separation
-The various living arrangements for children in alternative care with a focus on: Extended family (kinship care),Community care, Formal foster care, Residential child care, and
-The administrative arrangements managing the above mentioned services.

It will also explore how the current national legal and policy framework governs the delivery of services in these various forms of care.

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