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Complaining works! Get your ZIFF programme here

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Yesterday, I debated whether or not to blog my phone call with the Zimbabwe International Film Festival (ZIFF). On the one hand, it felt rude and insensitive and reactive. On the other hand, I was reminded of one of Bev’s favourite Michelangelo quotation, which often inspires our work: Criticise through creating. That is, the notion that it is through speaking up, not keeping quiet, that we inspire change or improvement.

Having just received the programme via email, with a request to put it up on the Kubatana website, I’m pleased I spoke up. It might have been more frustrated than constructive, but at least we know have the programme to share.

Download the Zimbabwe International Film Festival (ZIFF) 2010 programme here and make sure you take in some quality international films throughout the coming week.

2 comments to “Complaining works! Get your ZIFF programme here”

  1. Comment by Richard knottenbelt:

    Thanks for the effort – BUT ….
    I triede Film Festival Website – suspended; sending an email to the Trust – bounced
    Got kubatana in high hopes but getting repeated I/O erros and so 44 blank pages some with little boxes down the middle.
    Phoned the Trust -number unavailable….
    What now?

  2. Comment by Jacquie Gulliver:

    Couldn’t access the ZIFF programme via Kubatana either! But thanks for your efforts