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Clean up Zimbabwe

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I believe in small acts and gestures to show my son I love him. And this too applies to the love we have for our country in the various cities we live in. I listened on Star FM’s breakfast show this week about an initiative by With Love Foundation in collaboration with the Proudly Zimbabwe Foundation of cleaning the City of Harare. To me citizens who avoid littering or take part in cleaning up the city, is an act of love for Zimbabwe. Speaking during the show, representatives of the two Foundations reminded us that we love to live in clean homes and we don’t find ourselves throwing litter in our own homes, why then throw litter on the streets? The Zim Clean Campaign is trying to attract 2400 volunteers.

According to the With Love Foundation:
“The aim of this drive is to keep our city clean. We intend to do this by mobilising the general public to keep their streets clean. The demise in street sweeping activity should motivate us not to sit back and complain but should mobilise us to act. We as responsible citizens of Zimbabwe should then be empowered to re-create our Zimbabwe.’

Details for the clean up campaign are as follows:

Date and Time: 26 January 2013 at 1330 hours in Harare CBD
Points of assembly:
Market Square Bus Terminus (0772867300)
Fourth Street Bus rank (0772264471)
Harare City Library (0736971414).
Dress in jeans, sneakers and white top; if you do not have do not worry. We just need YOU.
All volunteers will receive a Community Service Certificate.

Now you know, please share with all your friends.

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