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Chinese and Nigerians become unwelcome in Bulawayo

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“We need Chinese solidarity but we cannot have these erstwhile friends coming to cook sadza with offals for us and after that take tooth picks, and then we think, ‘Here are investors’. In economic terms, we are crowded out by people bringing sick capital into these sectors.” – Alson Darikayi Upfumi Kuvadiki/Inotho Kwabatsha president.

Foreigners who come and invest in retail businesses are no longer welcome in Bulawayo. The effects of the “Look East” are now being felt in Bulawayo as the Chinese and other foreigners crowd out local residents from the retail business. Upfumi Kuvadiki/Inotho Kwabatsha and Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions joined hands to demonstrate against foreign ownership of retail business. Lets who hope this will not fan xenophobia just like the South African scenario.

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