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Biti’s obscenities and curses over US$50 000 Constituency Development Fund

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If this election is going to be based on accountability then all Members of Parliament don’t deserve a second chance to represent the people. Interesting interview on Zi-Fm led to some cursing and shouting of obscenities on radio by the Honorable Tendai Biti when he was asked what he used his US$50 000 allocation of the Constituency Development Fund for. If this were a face-to-face interview someone would have lost some front teeth as the Minister went haywire on a live radio program.

The outrage was sparked by a survey, which was carried out by the Harare Residents Trust, a lobby group based in Harare. Honorable Tendai Biti the Harare East Member of Parliament and also the Minister of Finance claims he still has around US$23 000 as a ‘balance’ in the account and one wonders why he didn’t just use the money to develop his constituency before the end of his term in office. I mean Harare East is not spared from road potholes and I am sure there are clinics, which need some medicine, or he could have just bought some chairs and desks for schools in his area.

By trying to shoot the messenger and dismissing HRT’s report raises some interest in what he used the other half of the allocation for?

The Cde Minister may have handled the nation’s budget but has failed to allocate US$50 000 in his constituency.

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