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Birdy and the Long Hearts

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4m down, down to the car park
Grounded, stranded, flightless

Familiar sounds but strange vibrations
Of others passing by
Then gentle hands and soft voices
A box is home for now

Fear and fragile hope
As strange faces frown
And sigh and worry, peering in
At me

Nervous, shaking fingers
Try feeding me
A foreign diet of clumsy

Long nights alone, alone
Then welcome hands and sotto coos
Bring hope
Day after day

And slowly she becomes
As familiar as my heartbeat
The rhythm of my days
A constant in my life

I lie against her heart
Lean in along her neck
Look up into her eyes
And see the sky reflected

And there behind her shoulder
Leaning in with eyes of love
Another warm and caring
Long heart to give me life

One comment to “Birdy and the Long Hearts”

  1. Comment by Jane:

    Oh Lord of the birds, give us Long Hearts
    Let their wings spread
    And fly