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Become a politician and get rich

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A recent news report says former Malawian president the late Bingu-wa-Mutharika chose Zimbabwe as one of the destinations where he could stash his cash, apparently under the guise of a Trust.

It did not come as a total surprise that he was “hiding” cash virtually everywhere under the sun under dubious charities even.

What came as a surprise was perhaps that he had chosen Zimbabwe, a country where other African despots have chosen to hide and have been welcomed as “friends of the government.”

According to Malawian news reports when Mutharika came to power in 2004, he declared that he was worth USD4.3 million, “but barely eight years into power – by the time of his untimely death in April 2012, his wealth had reportedly accrued to more than K61 billion (USD168 million).”

And then Zimbabweans are surprised why so many people are risking life and limb to contest as MP!

This is the way of the African political samurai: Stupendous wealth stands to be made, stupid!

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