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Be a good neighbor

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Information is distributed to educate us all. It’s up to us how we decide to use this information. I was so devastated when I heard that The Color Purple joint in the City of Harare, a place where some people go to relax and braai, was gutted down by fire. A fire caused by human error too. The Color Purple Club has suffered a great fall because of a woman who decided to burn rubbish, the fire got out of control and things ended up in tragedy. The owner is so distraught by this and worse still she had not insured her hard earned work.

It’s so much appreciated how Kubatana has been distributing and being so relevant with the Good Neighbor cards. The cards simply encourage people to live together as neighbors. My work is not in vain as my task has been distributing these cards carrying important information. I just hope that people take heed and practice what is written therein.  I urge those that have received the good neighbor cards will share this information with others. It not only helps you and me but the communities we live in.

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