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Bank notes are rubble

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Just imagine, last week I went to the post office to check how much the postage is these days. I saw a woman holding a plastic bag stacked with old $500 000 notes. She was told by the gentleman behind the counter ” Sorry amai, that money is no longer in use”.

However, today, it was my turn. Because I wanted to make a top up of our office airtime I was looking for the smallest denomination just to keep the window open. My workmate gave me $5billion notes. As I was in a hurry getting to the bank before they closed and also having to buy this airtime for the office I did not check the money properly.

I went straight to the airtime vendor who told me “Aah, blaz! This is now rubble in Zimbabwe, you can just throw it away”. I just quickly pocketed the old notes and used the money I had to buy the airtime and went straight back to the office recalling the embarrassment that the woman at the post office had faced.

Anyway, Friday is always Friday! And that’s a good thing.

One comment to “Bank notes are rubble”

  1. Comment by francis:

    It is high time the honourable Governor Gideon Gono (GGG) slashes the so called zeros every week.We are tired of earning useless billions