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AU blinkers cause for concern in Zimbabwe’s election

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Today’s Herald announces “Govt secures poll funding.” Given that elections are in less than a week, that’s lucky I suppose. The article says “domestic resources mobilised,” and mentions “US $ 85 million released.” Phew. I knew all that diamond money would come in handy someday.

Meanwhile, the late access to election funding is just one more way in which this election is a mess before we’ve even voted. And yet shockingly, the African Union looks and says “Nothing gives us any cause for concern.”

There are 5 days till Zimbabwe’s Harmonised Election on 31 July 2013. And Nothing gives any cause for concern? Not:

With a list like this what is most of concern is that the African Union doesn’t see anything of concern. Is this the low standard we have for Zimbabwean elections, and African elections more generally. As long as the violence stays minimal and the intimidation low-grade, it will do.  Never mind how many laws you break or rights you trample on along the way, our African colleagues will just turn a blind eye so it can be deemed “credible enough.”

One comment to “AU blinkers cause for concern in Zimbabwe’s election”

  1. Comment by alois hlatshwayo:

    You launched an onslaught on ZANU(PF) for quite a long time; every civic organization, the so-called independent press, NGO, western world name it. If you thought God loved you alone, wait a minute…..God loves ZANU(PF) too. And if you think God is yours alone then Amadlozi love ZANU(PF) that’s why they allowed “the monster” to prevail against your beloved MDC-T. Take it easy, you will have another shot in 2018. Till then, GOOD LUCK!