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Attempting to beat the law

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Interesting that, Temba Mliswa, the man who is on record solving differences with people whose politics he does not agree with through violence, and was arrested recently for bashing a female Zanu PF “colleague” has asked the courts to transfer the trial to Harare.

Mliswa claims that there are “political undercurrents” in the province where the trial is being heard that would compromise a fair trial.

This is according to ZBC news and you wonder if this is reported tongue-in-cheek!

Is that not curious coming from people who have always trumpeted the impartiality of Zimbabwean courts, especially when members from the other political divide are on the dock facing frivolous charges.

You have to feel no sorry for this guy and his theology that he can get away with anything as long as he invokes the name “Zanu PF!”

Recall when he trained hard punches on the heads of white commercial farmers whose land he expropriated? Where were the courts then? Clown.

Let him have it and perhaps it shall serve as an example to others from the same stock who think they can punch their way out of anything in the name of the “revolutionary party.”

Yeah, we are watching which way the table will turn.

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