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Around town

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Last Saturday I popped into a pharmacy at about 815am and the saleswoman was drinking a can of Red Bull. Where do you go from there I thought.

Then I went into Spar which has opened up just next to Pick and Pay – go figure. Spar didn’t have any decent milk so I went to Pick and Pay. Maybe that’s why we’re seeing supermarkets mushroom all over Harare – shopping can be a bit of a hunt and peck affair. In Pick and Pay the cashier seemed weighed down by the new year just a few days in.

Later on I went for a walk in the Botanical Gardens. Good value for money but better get in quick I reckon before our local authorities give the go-ahead to build another shopping mall on some free land. We walked down to the National Parks offices like we did the day before. On our way a red Camry stopped and a man in it asked us where we were going to which we replied we’re turning around in the car park. He appeared to work at National Parks, given his officiousness. He told us to “get out”. Nice. There’s no sign that says no entry. There’s no sign that says anything. When tourists come to Zimbabwe some of them walk in the Botanical Gardens, what a nice welcome that would have been. We were two Zimbabweans, what a nice way to treat us.

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