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And stuff happens

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I can’t sleep. It comes from dodding off mid-afternoon in front of the TV like a geriatric, complete with drool and gentle snore and ensuing loss of control of the neck muscles. My closed eyes were rudely prised open about an hour later by little, sticky, bored, fingers. Now I lie here harrumphing and unable to settle comfortably. I place my foot on Graham’s back and push, gently at first, and then with more oomph – because I’m bored too you understand and I want someone to play with. I giggle to myself, pleased with my mischief and because he’s tickling the offending foot. Poor bugger has to wake up at the usual time for work tomorrow.

I broke my toe. At least I think it’s broken but it’s hard to tell. I am reluctant to wiggle it despite all the encouragement I am getting from my family. It’s the little one, right next to the baby toe, and it’s turning blue and purple and growing into a fat, short sausage. It didn’t have a great deal of movement to start with, not like Houdini who was apparently able to thread a needle with his toes – a skill which, when added to his ability to pick up a needle using his eyelashes, helped tremendously with getting him out of those prickly positions he found himself in. Anyway, the broken toe is a result of trying to move heavy equipment with it, and at speed – no Zumba on Tuesday then.

I find myself sitting in the dentist’s chair, although sitting is not the best word. My buttocks are tightly clenched, my hands are white-knuckled gripping the armrests, and my feet are tense. Even the hair on my legs is bristling. I haven’t shaved – summer can be so tiresome. She tells me to open my mouth and I follow the directive with reluctance and a little difficulty because my jaw is rather stiff. 15 minutes of general chitchat follow as she distracts me from myself. Long story short, the last of my wisdom tooth was extracted fairly painlessly after the surprise attack of anesthetic. Only a minor cracking of the jawbone due to stubbornly bent root, nothing to worry about …

Having read this you probably think I’ve had a shit week. But you’d be wrong. It’s been fun. Full of life. And the stuff that happens when you have other things planned.

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