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Anarchists in our midst

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It is hardly surprising to hear cops threatening the MDC-T “against fomenting violence”and threatening to throw both supporters and officials into the dingy Matapi holding cells.

I would like to hear the cops threatening the same for Jabulani Sibanda and other characters of doubtful sanity who are on record saying they will return to the bush if Morgan Tsvangirai wins the elections.

You wonder then what kind of conditions are being set in the run-up to the poll which is only three weeks away.

This is the sort of thing that only buttresses criticism of the force being partisan which they should know alongside Zanu PF that this has quite a bearing on the legitimacy of the poll.

In any case, diplomatic missions who have already been denied observer status are watching and so is SADC, but then these people ceased caring a long time ago.

A flawed poll certainly is what Zanu PF seeks.

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