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Alien? You might be on the voters’ roll after all!

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We just got this in from a subscriber – So if you think you’re not on the voters’ roll, maybe it’s worth just double checking – Maybe you are!

Re aliens and Zim Voting: My husband and I got the surprise of our lives this morning. As ‘aliens’, my husband and my names were not on the Online Voters Roll and we were not allowed to vote in 2008, when our names had been removed from the voters role. So my husband took a stroll to our Polling station (Eastridge School) this morning and decided check. Just in case. His name and mine were both on the list and he was allowed to VOTE! I’m about to go now and stand in the queue. So please post and encourage ‘aliens’ to take the chance and go and check. Please put word out! (Also 60′s and over can request to go to front of queue). Also be advised to use your own pens! Word has it that pens with refills that fade after 4 hours are inserted in regular ballpoints in MDC strongholds. I doubted this, but then read that this had indeed been a ploy of the Israelis’s that played out in Kenya.

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