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A limited life in Zimbabwe

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Wherever you go, so long as you’re in Zimbabwe, you hear vendors shouting, Bacossi airtime! At the bus terminus it’s also Bacossi fares – meaning reduced fares.

People in Zimbabwe are quick to get these Bacossi products, be it airtime, tomatoes, fruits, bus fares, fuel, beer . . . the list goes on.

At the banks the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) Governor limits the cash withdrawal to $500 000. You can call this the Bacossi cash withdrawal limit. It limits you from buying $1 million and $2 million airtime, it limits you from paying $2 million to and from work, it limits you sending your children to school, paying rates and rentals on time. It limits you from enjoying your hard earned money called Your Salary!

The RBZ Governor’s Bacossi limit makes you go hungry.

One comment to “A limited life in Zimbabwe”

  1. Comment by Chamunorwa Makaitei:

    What do you expect from some shallow morally bankrupt governor like Gono, who is only a pawn being moved by the ZANU machinery to win their political games through politicising the reserve bank.

    As long as this current system is in power, then we cannot expect our lives to improve.

    When they go, then can we start thinking of stability and improvent, at the moment the vampires are just sucking us of all our essence.