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30 days into the New Year

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It’s been merely thirty days into the New Year and a lot has happened in Zimbabwe from the bizarre stories to progress in constitution making process to death, police arrests and floods. The whole year seems to be highlighted in just a month and with eleven more months still to go one wonders what more is in store for Zimbabwe? An explosion occurred in Chitungwiza during a cleansing ceremony conducted by a traditional healer. The explosion killed people and destroyed houses. The parties to the GPA have agreed on the draft constitution by COPAC and it waits to pass through parliament. Though some slight changes have occurred in the draft constitution on matters such as presidential powers we still wonder if political parties that had made their stance on the second draft constitution, will continue to stand by their campaigns. The nation lost its vice president John Nkomo and well renowned academic and aspiring politician Professor John Makumbe. Okay Machisa director of the ZimRights was arrested on the 14th of January and was released on bail on the 28th. In some parts of the country heavy rains destroyed bridges and houses killing people. These are just a few highlights that have occurred in the space of 30 days.

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